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5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

I heard about this course from a friend who recommended it. Very detailed course, lots of hands on experience gained from it. Sean Morrissey May 2021

5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

Excellent Course. Gained the practical and theoretical experience to gain the much needed confidence to safely work on the system in the future. Jonathan Britten May 2021

IMist Course

 Clearly presented course, induction done by friendly and professional Tradewinds staff. A relaxed way to achieve this qualification. Michael Leach May 2020

Masterclass with Tutorial and Practical Course

Fantastic course to develop your skills on Marine refrigeration, new equipment and great facilities to test your understanding. Stuart has a great teaching style and is one of the leading Goto guy’s in this industry. Chris Hiley December 2020

Masterclass with Tutorial

I completed the 6 week online marine Refrigeration Masterclass and then took the practical assessment. The online course was very easy to follow and had helpful videos, lectures and course notes. Plus scenarios and Quizzes to test the knowledge of each section. Stuart was always available to call to clarify any issues with patience. The practical was good with one test rig to myself to work on and helpful instruction from Stuart. Ed Wigley May 2019

5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

Great course, I would recommend it if you are in the marine trade. David Vos May 2021

5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

A friend recommended this course to me, it was a good balance of theory and practical work. My weakness was the practical side and I’ve had extra time to go over this area. Duncan McQuire May 2021

Masterclass with Tutorial

Marine Engineering is a broad career with only just enough learned in college. This Masterclass has advanced my knowledge in a vital area, shipping, a significant amount of self learning.This course seriously improved my refrigeration knowledge with a lot of study aids to use in the future. Eddy Cashman August 2018

Eddy Cashman


Our Marine Refrigeration training courses are designed specifically for engineers in the Superyacht, Merchant Navy, Oil & Gas/Petrochemical, Nuclear and Shipping industries. Backed by decades of experience in the field, our trainers bring 1st class training into a safe learning environment.

We have a range of different refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation based courses, both online and also 5 day practical classes. If completed in the UK, then the practical course also includes the C&G2079 FGas Safe Handling certificate.

Please take a moment to look through our range of courses and simply fill in the form for the relevant course for us to contact you.