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Stuart is the most excellent instructor

I can’t recommend this course enough. Stuart is a most excellent instructor, Stuart is an incredibly knowledgeable on all matters pertaining to the dark art of air Conditioning and refrigeration. he takes great pleasure in making sure you understand the fundaments and practical sides, giving you the confidence to get hands on. For any yacht engineer wishing to advance their understanding of system, this is a must. I know that a lot of yacht based engineers will not want to pay for this course, as It has no credit to the SV or merchant licence, but it is worth every penny (cent). I did the course, as I find it eternally frustrating having to rely on contractors whom say they will do a job, then don’t turn up, or carry a job to poor standards, leaving you with ongoing issues through the season. Upon return to my vessel I purchased the necessary equipment and tools, to carry out our own work, We’ve already covered the cost of the course and tools by not having a service engineer come to the boat. Jolyon Brayton – Sewell. Chief Engineer. Super Yacht Industry. June 2023

Very informative

Very informative and hands on course, led by an experienced and helpful instructor. I would recommend this course to anyone involved in the maintenance and/or commissioning/decommissioning of refrigeration systems. David Churchman. Merchant Marine. July 2023

Hands on

Really well thought and presented, covering all the necessary sections in a very informative manner. The “hands on” fridge rig makes it so much more engaging and helpful. Michael Potter. 2nd Engineer. Merchant Marine. July 2023

Very good theory component

The course provided a very good theory component with detailed notes, backed up with practical training on test rigs, going through the complete repair and commissioning process. Richard Smyth. Chief Engineer. Super Yacht Industry. June 2023

Good Course

Good and explanatory website with plenty of good information. Igor Veremeenko. 1st Engineer. Oil & Gas Industry. June 2023

Exactly what I was looking for

This course is exactly what I was looking for. Id recommend this course to any marine engineers that have limited hands on experience with AC and fridge systems. My confidence has grown as a result. I now have a much better understanding of the ‘black art’ that is refrigeration. The lecturer Stuart knows his stuff and delivers the course in an easy to learn format. Stuart Duff. 3rd Engineer. Oil & Gas Industry. June 2023

Excellent Course

I finally understood so many aspects of refrigeration that hadn’t made sense learning on my own. Really great to get hands on experience and practice trouble shooting a system. Samantha Hubbard. Engineer. Super Yacht Industry. June 2023

Valuable Course

I feel much more confident with HVAC in term of hands on. Fully recommend to all marine engineers. Marcin Roesler. 2nd Engineer. Marine Industry. June 2023

Fantastic course

Great breakdown of Refrigeration systems. I have definitely come away from this course with a greater knowledge of these systems. Would very much highly recommend this course if you are looking to gain a greater understanding of refrigeration systems on board. The practical aspect to the course was fantastic. Stephen Delaney. 2nd Engineer. Marine Industry. May 2023

Excellent course

Covering all aspects of refrigeration that we actually use at sea. Stuart was very knowledgeable and easy going, making the learning process much easier to take in. Highly recommend. Gary Watt. 1st Engineer. Marine Industry. May 2023

Great course, highly recommended

Facility is great with a good learning environment that allows you to take away useful knowledge and learning that will come in handy in the field. Kyle Smith. Engineer. Marine Industry. May 2023

Excellent Course

Excellent course for understanding the theory behind refrigeration and applying it into a practical scenario. The course is well taught and suitable for any engineers regardless of experience.
Luke Shipton. 2nd Engineer. Marine Industry. February 2023

Informative Course

An informative mix of theory and practical – feel confident to use my new skills onboard. Neil Smith Fleet Engineer. Marine Industry. February 2023

Great Course!

Great course. Facilities and equipment are top-notch. Practical aspect of course is invaluable. Ian Barber. Chief Engineer. Marine Industry. February 2023

Great and Useful Course!

Definitely great and useful course! Trainer Stuart Ginbey is very professional. He has shared his great skills and give us a lot of useful information. Vitalii Grapchev  3rd Engineer. January 2023

Informative Course

Informative course and which puts a lot of the theory into practice. Will be more confident to tackle issues of a refrigeration nature after completing this training program. I think it would be beneficial for a number of the engineers who i currently work with. I will pass on the details of Tradewinds to my colleagues. Martin Brady Engineer November 2022

Refrigeration Masterclass and practical

The course has been a valuable experience, it has taught me some new skills whilst giving me confidence to tackle and fault find problems on refrigeration systems. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to enhance there knowledge and skills. I know others that will benefit and I will spread the word on the grape vine. Oliver Piercy Engineer November 2022

Great Course

Great Course, learnt so much in such a short period of time. will be able to take this knowledge back to the boat and make use of it!! I have already provisionally booked my colleague onto a course next year. Timothy Bennett Engineer November 2022

Excellent Course

The course is an excellent week for students with a basic skills and knowledge of HVAC systems who are wishing to improve their practical and theoretical knowledge. Paul Lockhart Owner/Engineer November 2022

Interactive Course


High Class Course

The presentation and the course, material is of a high class. Facility is easily accessible and well positioned Will recommend this course to anyone interest in it. Anton Kannemeyer Engineer November 2022

Very useful course

This is very useful course for everyone who is handlining the HVAC system. I would recommend it.Ajitesh Chatterjee November 2022

Brilliant Course

Brilliant course that I have got a lot from, which is going to benefit me a lot with the extended knowledge I have learnt. It will help me become a better and more knowledgeable air con engineer. Robert Clarke Engineer. Decemeber 2022

Very Patient Instruction

Very patient in the ways of teaching. When I wanted to give up the course I was not given up on and help was given to put the me through and eventually pass which I thought wasn’t possible. Callum Simons Engineer December 2022

Truly excellent course

Truly excellent course, my only regret is not having done it years ago. Would have saved hours of stress dealing with troubleshooting and contractors. Do you know someone who would benefit from doing this course?: Heaps, I’ll point them to you though. Christopher Collins. Engineer. June 2022

Great course

Great course. Instructor, facilities and course content are all of a high standard. Lindsay Rae. Cheif Engineer. June 2022

A great helpful instructor

It’s a very good course and such a great helpful instructor he covered everything we need in a very proper way. Mohammed Alkhuwaildi. Engineer. June 2022

Highly Recommended

An excellent introduction to marine refrigeration that has laid several demons to rest. A good mixture of practical and theory with real life hints and tips from a knowledgeable professional. This course is highly recommended to any Marine Engineer. Alex Kirkby marine Engineer May 2022

Excellent Teaching

I attended the 5 day Marine Refrigeration Course. Excellent teaching and hands on experience. I now feel much more confident dealing with and future refrigeration issues. Adam Cole. Chief Engineer. May 2022

Excellent Course

Excellent course well delivered. Stuart was not only clear and through he also catered to the varying abilities of the students attending extremely well. Thank you to all at Tradewinds for delivering an excellent course.
Chris Davey. Marine Engineer,

This Course was Fantastic

This course was fantastic. Delivery of the course was engaging and extremely informative. Stuarts knowledge is vast and his teaching is enjoyable and interesting. It has kept me engaged and motivated me to advance further through this field in understanding and practical skill. I strongly recommend this course to people. Jonny Bayley. Marine Engineer.

A Great Course – I would Recommend it – 5 Day marine and Offshore Refrigeration

This course was recommended to me by a friend. A great course, both practically and theory based with the inclusion of updated regulations. I would recommend to other engineers. Jeremy Jordan Marine Engineer.

Excellent Course, Recommend to all Marine Engineers – 5 Day Marine and Offshore Refrigeration

Excellent Course. Full of useful detail and background theory to explain and understand the comprehensive practical application. User-friendly methods of faultfinding and practical understanding for refrigeration systems to use in future. Thank you Stuart. Jacob Hall Marine Engineer. September 2021

Great teaching and explanations – 5 Day Marine and Offshore refrigeration

Great teaching and explanations for the theory side helped give a good understanding of the systems. Practical side of things helped to reinforce this knowledge and to give good hands on experience which will help in the ‘real world’. George Dobson, Engineer. Trinity House. September 2021

Definitely worth the study time and cost – Refrigeration Masterclass and Practical Course

I found the course very informative and tailored to study required, the pre course training I did was definitely worth the study time and cost when it came to the practical work. Xavier Le Monnier. Marine Engineer. September 2020

Xavier Le Monnier

One of the best courses I have done to date – 5 Day Marine and Offshore Refrigeration

As a yacht engineer, this was one of the best courses I have done to date. Stuart provided the perfect balance between theory and practice, with the practical element being invaluable. I can’t recommend Stuart or this course enough. Thank you for a great week. JJ Erasmus. Marine Engineer. November 2020

JJ Erasmus

Highly recommend – Fundamentals and 5 day Practical Course

Brilliant course with a grate mixture of theory and practical with a fantastic instructor. Highly recommend this course for any one who wants to improve there knowledge with HVAC and Refrigeration. Danny Guild. Engineer. November 2020

Danny Guild

Convert the theory into actual hands on experience – 5 Day Practical Course

This course has provided me with a strong foundation to be able to confidently troubleshoot systems on board most, if not any super yacht I will be working on. The facilities offer test rigs that enables you to convert the theory into actual hands on experience which I found invaluable! Lee Stableford. Engineer. December 2020

Lee Stableford

I am very glad to have been part of your team – Fundamentals of Marine Refrigeration

Recommended by a friend. Training experience that is based and tailored to the maritime industry is always of the utmost importance, and at the same time I am very glad to have been part of your team. Mauro Grbac. Engineer. February 2020

Mauro Grbac

Now I have the opportunity to work with F gases – Marine and Offshore 5 day Fgas2079

Huge thanks to Stuart for the excellent teaching of the course. Now I have the opportunity to work with F gases. Sincerely! Oleksandr Pylnyk. Engineer. July 2021

Oleksandr Pylnyk

Very Good Course – Fundamentals of Marine Refigeration

Very Good Course with interactive videos. Rafel Fisher. NOC personnel. January 2020

Rafel Fisher

Expectations Hugely Surpassed – 5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

I joined this course with the idea to top up my knowledge on the HVAC area . Instead of this, I feel a competent technician that can face any challenges that any HVAC system can set on the table. This course should be a must for any mid size yacht engineer . I am very happy that my expectations for this course have been hugely passed. Also a very environmentally course that make us think the importance to deal with problems and consequences of faulty equipment onboard. Truly very happy with the content and Stuart, great teacher! Otmar Liere, Engineer, SY Legend, August 2021

Otmar Liere

Very detailed course – 5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

I heard about this course from a friend who recommended it. Very detailed course, lots of hands on experience gained from it. Sean Morrissey May 2021

Sean Morrissey

Excellent Course – 5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

Excellent Course. Gained the practical and theoretical experience to gain the much needed confidence to safely work on the system in the future. Jonathan Britten May 2021

Jonathan Britten

A relaxed way to achieve this qualification – IMist Course

 Clearly presented course, induction done by friendly and professional Tradewinds staff. A relaxed way to achieve this qualification. Michael Leach May 2020

Michael Leach

Stuart has a great teaching style – Refrigeration Masterclass

Fantastic course to develop your skills on Marine refrigeration, new equipment and great facilities to test your understanding. Stuart has a great teaching style and is one of the leading Goto guy’s in this industry. Chris Hiley December 2020

Chris Hiley

The online course was very easy to follow and had helpful videos, lectures and course notes – Masterclass with Tutorial

I completed the 6 week online marine Refrigeration Masterclass and then took the practical assessment. The online course was very easy to follow and had helpful videos, lectures and course notes. Plus scenarios and Quizzes to test the knowledge of each section. Stuart was always available to call to clarify any issues with patience. The practical was good with one test rig to myself to work on and helpful instruction from Stuart. Ed Wigley May 2019

Ed Wigley

I would recommend it – 5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

Great course, I would recommend it if you are in the marine trade. David Vos May 2021

David Vos

A good balance of theory and practical work – 5 Day Marine Refrigeration Course

A friend recommended this course to me, it was a good balance of theory and practical work. My weakness was the practical side and I’ve had extra time to go over this area. Duncan McQuire May 2021

Duncan McQuire

This course seriously improved my refrigeration knowledge – Masterclass with Tutorial

Marine Engineering is a broad career with only just enough learned in college. This Masterclass has advanced my knowledge in a vital area, shipping, a significant amount of self learning.This course seriously improved my refrigeration knowledge with a lot of study aids to use in the future. Eddy Cashman August 2018

Eddy Cashman


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