Refrigeration Masterclass – Without Tutorial Support

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This bespoke program provides the opportunity to fast track your learning into 6 weeks and allows you to complete it from the comfort of your own home or whilst you are away at work so that it fits in with your rotation.

The course is completed by remote learning and each week a new topic of content will be released. You will be required to complete all tasks including e-lessons, videos, study guides and quizzes.

What does the Masterclass cover?

Week 1 – Understand the principles of thermodynamics and how they relate to the vapour compression cycle

Week 2 – Regulations, Qualifications & Licencing

Week 3 – Pressure Enthalpy Charts and Energy Efficiency

Week 4 – The Repair Process

Week 5 – Service & Maintenance Procedures

Week 6 – Troubleshooting Refrigeration Systems & The 8 Major Fault Categories

BONUS 1 – Documentation Pack

BONUS 2 – 12 Months Technical support to help you resolve any refrigeration related faults.

Who is it for?

This course is for marine engineers who love working at sea. You could be in the superyacht industry or the cruise ships through to the merchant navy including LNG Tankers, Cargo ships or supply vessels. It’s also very relevant to any electricians, mechanics or ventilation technicians who work offshore in the Oil & Gas Industry. If you have an engineering background and want to learn the latest ‘Real World’ experience based techniques about refrigeration systems, then YES, this is definitely for you.



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