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F-gas Brexit guidance published by Refcom 13/1/2019

"The UK Government has been clear from the outset of negotiations of exiting the European Union (EU) that it is not their intention to reduce the impact or efficacy of the existing environmental regulations after the UK leaves the political union, including those...

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Ventilation & Air Balancing Course

We are proud to announce the release of a very important course that we have put together called the 'Ventilation and Air Balancing course'. We have spent a considerable amount of time compiling and researching the latest information based around ventilation systems,...

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Marine Refrigeration Course Schedule 2018

2018 Course Schedule The following course dates have been scheduled for 2018. 22nd – 26th January - Marine Refrigeration Course 12th – 16th February - Marine Refrigeration Course - FULL 26th Feb – 2nd March - Marine Refrigeration Course - FULL 12th – 16th March -...

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Evacuation and Dehydration of Refrigeration Systems

Moisture in a Refrigeration System Any amount of moisture or water in a refrigeration system is simply catastrophic and will eventually lead to major failure and extensive cleaning of the system. It is vital that during all stages of the installation, service and...

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How to measure sub-cooling

Sub cooling is one of the best methods to determine if the refrigerant charge is correct. It is also a useful calculation for troubleshooting as it shows exactly what is happening in the condenser. How to measure sub-cooling: Take high side pressure at the receiver....

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How to Measure Superheat

Superheat is a very important measurement to take as it confirms how much liquid is in the evaporator. From an efficiency perspective, keep the evaporator fully flooded with liquid refrigerant allowing it to absorb as much heat as possible. However, be careful not to...

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Tradewinds Autumn 2015 Newsletter

It has been a busy few months here at Tradewinds Engineering as we continue to be vigilant in the downturn of the market. Our engineers have been away on the rigs and have just returned from a trip to Abu Dhabi undertaking some offshore HVAC commissioning work. The...

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