Tradewinds provide a full consultancy service offering our clients support to resolve technical issues with their refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Our troubleshooting and performance analysis services provide an expert 3rd Party independent review, using the latest ‘state of the art’ equipment. Our services have been used extensively throughout the Superyacht, Oil & Gas, Marine, Industrial and Commercial industries.


Our test equipment will trend every aspect of the performance of the machine including cooling capacity, heat of rejection, power consumption, superheat, subcooling, pressures, temperatures and a whole lot more. We can literally confirm that a 500kW Chiller (for example) is actually providing 500kW of cooling. This data can then be used for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s), Site Acceptance Tests (SAT’s), Warranty Claims, performance analysis and energy efficiency.

The service can be provided as a ‘one off’ survey or as part of an annual maintenance contract to continually optimize the system efficiency. This way, you can have confidence that your refrigeration equipment is ‘Leak Free’, working as it was designed and is less likely to have unexpected break downs or faults.