Platinum Yacht Package

£11,500.00 £6,995.00

The Platinum Yacht Package is a cost effective way to take away the stress of air conditioning or refrigeration system breakdowns. Not only will we train one of your engineers on our 6 week refrigeration masterclass where they will also get the C&G2079 Qualification, but we will also train them onboard on your equipment. But not only that, we will also include a survey of the provisions refrigeration unit and the main chillers for the CHW system. Once the performance analysis has been completed, we will provide a report that highlights the efficiency of those machines. But our support doesnt stop there. We will also provide 1 year of technical support, so if you ever have a break down and cant fix the problem, then just pick up the phone and we will research the resolution for you.

It’s all the HVAC support you will ever need!