There are already many studies underway to assess the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the Professional Development within the workforce.


How has your professional development been affected?


The pandemic has substantially changed the way the Marine and Oil & Gas Industries are approaching Professional Development through training. There is no doubt that we cannot just stop learning, Engineers and Crew need to be competent and compliant to carry out their work. With the traditional in person classrooms mostly off limits, how can we access high quality training.

The pandemic, its containment measures, the implications of travel, and personal protection issues have all had a long lasting impact on the economy and how businesses are run. Within the Marine and Offshore Industries, where employees often travel the world both in work and to obtain relevant qualifications, continuing Professional Development has become problematic.

Many training facilities, including ourselves, have adapted, offering a variety of distance learning options. Visit our Training Page to view our courses.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning is any form of Training where the student does not have to be in the same physical place as the trainer.

There are many different formats
It can be face to face using technology to interact across the world

It provides access to Training without the constricts of time and place.



What are the advantages of Distance Learning?

Does not require the time and cost of travel – efficient and cost effective

Can be completed in your timeframe – self paced learning

Study can take place anywhere in the world – accessibility



What formats can Distance Learning use?



Written content and downloadable PDF’s

Quizes or Assessments

Face to face coaching via social networking apps



What are the disadvantages of Distance Learning?

Some training just has to be in person, practical skills have to be honed and certified.

Networking diminishes and less learning from your peers

Interaction with others, group discussion and experiences can play a part in Training

Feedback from the trainer


How can Tradewinds Help you continue your Professional Development through training?

Tradewinds has always delivered high quality Distance Learning, we believe the content should be relevant, enjoyable, informative, and delivered in a variety of formats. Refigeration and HVAC training is our speciality, we also offer International Minimum Safety Training (IMIST).


Our feed back from Refrigeration engineers, crew and captains has always been extremely positive.

We would love to help you with your training requirements, just give us a call +44 1823 709712

” I completed the 6 eek online marine Refrigeration Masterclass and then took the practical assessment. The online course was very easy to follow and had helpful videos, lectures and course notes. Plus scenarios and Quizzes to test the knowledge of each section. Stuart was always available to call to clarify any issues with patience. The practical was good with one test rig to myself to work on and helpful instruction from Stuart. Great lunches too! ” Ed Yacht Engineer

” Everything is well done and easy to understand and use the website ” Edvinas Engineering crew ASM

” Very Good Course with interactive videos ” Rafel Engineer NOC

What about the Practical Training?

With the vaccination programs rolling out slowly crossing the world, we are excited to be getting our training centres in the UK and Palma de Mallorca dusted off and ready for action.

We hope to see many of you at one of our venues to obtain your practical training City & Guilds FGas 2079 qualification, in the near furture. In the meantime, there are plenty of HVAC Distance Learning options on our Technical Passport website, we would be happy to discuss which suits you best.

Alternatively, we can bring the trainer to you, we can deliver our 5 day practical course on your vessel or at a site of your choice, this reduces the need for crew to travel and has the advantage of being bespoke to your Refrigeration equipment.